Soccer 2005 - Region 34

Boys U-10 : Team #3

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the 2005 soccer season!

My name is Carl Mosher and I will be coaching the Boys U-10 (Team #3) this season. I have been coaching in this Region for 8 years and look forward to meeting all of you at our Team/Parents meeting on Thursday, August 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Alta Vista Community Center patio. Click Here for Map. Players should bring shin guards and cleats if they have them. I would like to have a very short practice just to get a feel for the team.

Our team is building a website at  All the information regarding our team, team activities, practices, contact information, pictures, etc. will be located at our website. You should have already received an invitation to join with your preliminary Username and Password which is required to view the protected areas of the site. When you first log in with your username and password, you will be required to fill out some information to gain access. (Note: If you enter a birth date of a person younger than 13 years of age, you will be required to obtain adult permission (via email) prior to logging in. The easier solution is to use parent information when completing this form). If you have any question prior to our meeting, please give me a call (310-833-6674) or email me at

Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions

2. Players caucus for Team Name ( Uniform shown to right. Players should  be thinking of a team name).

3. Practices
- Monday at 5:50-7:00, location TBD, starting 8/29/05
- Wednesday at 4:50-6:00, Tulita School field, starting 8/31/05
- Ball (Size 4), cleats, shin guards, water, sweat shirt
- Please notify if you’re going to miss

4. Games
- Field set up & take down
- Please arrive ˝ hour before game time
- Call ahead if you can’t attend!
- Everyone Plays (at least 3 quarters)
- Positioning
- Leave coaching to the coach (Fans only cheer and only coaches coach)
- “Zero Tolerance” for referee or child abuse - coach is responsible
- Water/Snacks for players and referees
- Pick up after games
- Schedule (will be on our web site as soon as available)

5. Volunteers (In order to be invited to Post-Season Play-offs, teams need to meet Snack Bar and Referee Credit requirements)
- Field Prep and Clean-up (Sat., Aug. 27 & Sun. Aug. 28, arrive between 9-10 AM, AVP) 1 required
  [Field Prep day is mandatory to receive uniforms, game cards and schedule]
- Opening/Picture Day (Sat., Sept. 17) 2 required
- Snack Bar assignment, 6 required
- Assistant Coach(s)
- Referees (2 Certified Adults Required) (Classes Aug. 27, Sept. 12 & 14, Location & Time TBD)
  Youth ages 12 & up also welcome. 16 points Referee Credit required. Points are earned as follows:
    2 points for officiating a U10 game or higher as a Center (must be a Certified Regional Referee or higher)
    2 points for officiating a U7 or U8 game (must be a Certified U6-U8 Official or Assistant Referee)
    1 point for officiating as an Assistant Referee in a U10 game or higher (must be a Certified U6-U8 Official or Assistant Referee)

- Field set-up / take down (2-4 people, get hand out)
- Field Maintenance Team (2 people)
- Team Parent (Meeting on Mon., Aug. 29th and Tues., Aug. 30th)
- Banner (Needed by Opening Day/Picture Day: 9/17/05)
- Game Snack Scheduler
- Quarter Can
- Snack Bar (Auxiliary / Scheduler)
- Team Party

6. Other
- Opening Day & Picture Day (Saturday 9/17/04).
- Sponsors
- Turkey Tournament (Nov. 25 - 27)
- LA Galaxy Soccer Clinic (TBD)

7. Choose Team Name and hand out uniforms


Some of you have indicated your volunteering preferences on your registration form. I have transcribed that information below. However, I do not have copies of your volunteer form which you may have completed at registration. It would be very helpful to indicate your preferences below and submit that request to me. If any of the following information is not correct, please let me know ASAP. This is our first go around on volunteering, but will greatly help expedite our meeting on the 23rd. We will update this form as we get your requests. Click here for our Official Volunteer List


Responsibility Volunteers Assigned Notes
1. Assistant Coach Bret Porter  
2. Referee (Min. 2 Required)1 Amy Clark, Carl Mosher, <your name here> Would like 4
3. Field Prep/Clean-up Day (1 Required) Joy Eddings, Roy Schermerhorn  
4. Opening Day / Picture Day (2 Required) Joy Eddings, Leslie Porter  
5. Field Set-Up & Take Down (Min. 2 required) Roy Schermerhorn, Joy Eddings, <your name here>, <your name here> Would like 4
6. Snack Bar Auxiliary (6 Required) Brian/Lisa La Shure, <your name here>, <your name here>, <your name here>, <your name here>, <your name here>  
7. Team Parents Marianne Huntley, Linda Witteman, <your name here>  
  a. Team Banner Brett Porter, <your name here>  
  b. Game Snack Scheduler Melissa Bodin  
  c. Quarter Can Melissa Bodin  
  d. Snack Bar Scheduler <your name here>  
  e. Team Party <your name here>  
8. Field Maintenance Team (Min. 2 Required) <your name here>, <your name here>  

Name    Volunteer Position


1 Our team needs 2 Certified Assistant Referees (AR's). You can become certified by attending the Referee clinic on Saturday Aug. 27th at 9:00 AM or Mon., Sept. 12th or Wed., Sept. 14th (time TBA).  You will be able to officiate U7 and U8 games and assistant referee (linesman) at U10 games (not ours) after this class. Lunch will be provided. Class will be 5 hours or less. Team referee credit requirements must be met in order to be eligible for playoffs. 


Thank you for your help. I look forward to meeting all of you at our first practice/meeting. If you need to contact me, you may call or email me.


Carl Mosher

310-833-6674 (home)